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22.04.2011  16:30 Uhr

A Knowledge-HUB for Logistics and Mobility

Frankfurt. Based at Frankfurt Rhine-Main-Airport in a district called "Gateway Gardens" the House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM) will link more than 250 scientists of four different universities around the area. In addition, companies and poltics will also join the special cluster of research.

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House of Logistics & Mobility© Holm  |  Dauer: 2:07 Min.

Sustained by businesses, universities and government, HOLM unites different technical disciplines under its roof. In a world of networks, it is getting more and more crucial to look beyond one's single technical area of expertise in order to explore new research opportunities. Indeed, challenges are becoming more complex and can only be resolved in interdisciplinary cooperation. Future perspecitves are to be found at the intersection of economics, social sciences, politics, engineering, information technology, geography and mathematics.

In research cooperations, new opportunities for innovation as well as international trend-setting solutions will arise along with new concepts for sustainable and environmentally friendly logistics and mobility. In order to turn resarch and development partnerships into successful models, proximity and dialogue between the partners are basic crucial needs. HOLM is aimed at creating that kind of foundation for successful cooperations between all the partners linked within.

A TV-report broadcast by a regional network gives more insights into the aims and tasks set out for that new kind of interdisciplinary institution.



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